Why Hyperedge?

HypergraphSometimes we’re asked "Why HyperEdge?" The question should really be what is a hyperedge? A hyperedge is a connection between two or more vertices, or nodes, of a hypergraph. A hypergraph is a graph in which generalized edges (called hyperedges) may connect more than two nodes with discrete properties. This is probably best illustrated.

In the adjacent illustration the bottom graph shows a conventional knowledge map with links between two types of nodes, designated as squares and circles. These might be executives and middle managers.  In the top graph the coloured fields show that middle managers V1, V2 and V3 all have something in common - so do middle managers V2 and V3. The links between middle managers V2 and V3 are hyperedges, because they connect to two executives. Revealing the importance of these links is what HyperEdge does to help leaders manage their knowledge networks.