knowledge mapHyperEdge Pty Ltd is an Australian company that helps leaders map and manage their knowledge networks. We have unique, highly specialised, skills for the review and re-engineering of business organisational structures and staffing.  Using our business network analysis™ techniques, we help leaders develop a shared, and often fresh, understanding of their organisation's processes and systems. This understanding is used to develop strategies to manage organisational and cultural change, improve staff and cost effectiveness, and increase revenues and profitability.

At HyperEdge we particularly pride ourselves on building lasting long-term relationships, and more importantly transferring our knowledge and skills to the employing organisation. We are committed to assisting our clients to achieve their desired outcome and reach their full potential. Our assignments are always collaborative in nature. The problem solving, and the development of pathways to future solutions, is always done in conjunction with the client. We deliver practical innovative solutions on time, at or above standard, and always within budget. 

HyperEdge is a name with real and implied meanings . It's a name you can trust. We look forward to helping you map and manage your knowledge networks.